MENS Headshots - Digital Headshots NYC

A good headshot photographer knows how to make you look your best, this is true – but a great headshot photographer also makes sure you still look like yourself. 

A headshot for acting is a very specific thing. Having a headshot that faithfully represents you will prevent you being called in for the wrong auditions and frustrating casting directors. 

It’s important that the ideal actors & actress Headshots conveys a unique aspect of your personality, has an aura of professionalism, but also allows you to stand out in a sea of headshots. 

Digital Headshots NYC customizes your headshot session to fit what you need to say. Are you looking for work? A great headshot will maximize your job responses and leave a lasting impression. If you are a business executive or freelancer, a headshot makes you appear more personable to clients and allows them to trust you, to associate a face with your business service.  

Your headshots should be updated every time you get a drastic visual change, or, every five years. You might be surprised at how long it has been since your last portrait session. Digital Headshots NYC is located in midtown, but shoots can be arranged where we come to you.